We got the first phase of our garden planted this past weekend with a little help from family. I look forward to this ever year. There is something so rewarding in seeing these vegetables start out from a tiny seed into food that I can prepare in our kitchen.

{Peppers/corn/potatoes/tomatoes/zucchini/cucumber/brussel sprouts/rutabaga/onions}


I also planted a few different varieties of flowers to see how things go. After reading Floret Flowers Cut Flower Garden book, I became obsessed with wanting my own beautiful garden. I look forward to one day selling bundles of fresh flowers by the roadside for people to enjoy.  Wish me luck.


The next phase will be our pumpkins. It is quite the production from planting all the seeds to harvesting them in the fall to sell. We do quite the variety and I love to see how different each one is.

Here’s to a bumper crop to all the farmers putting in the time and energy towards something they are passionate about. They are few and far between but I am glad we can keep a little piece of it alive and to show our daughter what hard work looks like.





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