{Making A House A Home}

We spent the weekend putting the final touches on the planter that my hubby made for the backyard. I had a little helper who was eager to bring me flowers and help water them. It turned out great and I am glad it adds some color to our back deck.

It is amazing how many projects we have done around this house to take it from what it used to look like into a space we now call home.  Adding a deck was by far one of my favorite projects, as I remember finishing it just before my daughter was born. Being able to sit outside with her was exactly what I needed in those early months of motherhood.

Hope you always strive to make your house a home, no matter what situation you may be in. Fill it with love and things that make you happy😊





We had to do a rain dance around here as our poor garden was in need of fresh water. We put sprinklers out there as we can, but nothing compares to a good spring rain to bring life back.

Our rain dance worked:)

I don’t ever remember another time in my life that I would of wished for rain. Its amazing how things change as you grow and learn.

Our garden is looking great with corn popping up as well as many of my cut flowers. This time of year is exciting to see our hard work pay off. I look forward to fresh veggies and flowers here soon.

Till next time…



We had such a nice weekend away. Full of family, food and fun. It was much needed after a busy week.

Pentwater holds a special place in my heart. I used to vacation there as a child and I still remember biking into town and the little rental with the pull out couch my sister and I would sleep on.  Climbing “old baldy” and ice cream for dessert. Beach days and dune rides in Silver Lake. I hope to create new memories with my little family that will continue on.


Do you have a favorite destination that has always held special memories? Whether it be family vacations or new traditions, its so nice to return to these places and remember those wonderful memories.

PS. We had to get the “Pig” at House of Flavors. It’s tradition:)

ice cream


We spend our weekends enjoying the fresh air and saying yes to any adventure that comes up. This leaves certain things put on the back burner or off the list all together.

There is something about the routine of the week that I need. I’m a planner by nature, so knowing what’s to come settles my soul.

I’m learning to embrace both the unknown of the weekends and the schedules I crave during the week. 

                I’m finding that balance. 


We got the first phase of our garden planted this past weekend with a little help from family. I look forward to this ever year. There is something so rewarding in seeing these vegetables start out from a tiny seed into food that I can prepare in our kitchen.

{Peppers/corn/potatoes/tomatoes/zucchini/cucumber/brussel sprouts/rutabaga/onions}


I also planted a few different varieties of flowers to see how things go. After reading Floret Flowers Cut Flower Garden book, I became obsessed with wanting my own beautiful garden. I look forward to one day selling bundles of fresh flowers by the roadside for people to enjoy.  Wish me luck.


The next phase will be our pumpkins. It is quite the production from planting all the seeds to harvesting them in the fall to sell. We do quite the variety and I love to see how different each one is.

Here’s to a bumper crop to all the farmers putting in the time and energy towards something they are passionate about. They are few and far between but I am glad we can keep a little piece of it alive and to show our daughter what hard work looks like.