I sometimes feel I was born in the wrong era. I long to go back to the simple days. Less noise. Less electronics. Less traffic. Less S T U F F.

Don’t get me wrong, I am a sucker for being connected 24/7 to pretty much everything I could ever want. I also love the sense of security I feel knowing I have my phone to use in case of emergencies.

{But there are times when it gets in the way. When I find myself glued to it instead of enjoying the moment}

I want my daughter to know the value of hard work. I want her to get out and explore. To seek adventure. I am the one who has to show her the way and I intend to do my best.

So I’m making a promise to myself (and my daughter) to put the phone down more. To get back to the things I love. To enjoy these precious moments with her while she’s still little.

Because time goes so so fast. Moments are fleeting. And we may miss them if we are looking down.



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