Its hard to believe how fast the months fly by. You get so wrapped up in life and schedules and before you know it 9 months have flown by since I’ve updated this space.

Such is life, I suppose.

Ive been wanting to write again. I want to get in the habit of getting out everything about motherhood, life, my thirties, farmhouse decor and living my best life in this great state of Michigan. I want to share my daughers crazy antics and my pinterest projects around the house. I want to share our vacations and even our low-key weekends that always end in beach walks and tractor rides.

Hope you follow along on here and my instagram @michiganmomlife.

Here’s to a new season of living out our dreams and loving the in-between.



{Great Lake State}

Part of my love for Michigan is that we are surrounded by some of the largest freshwater lakes in the world. That alone blows my mind. We beat the heat this past weekend at Lake Michigan and it was so nice to see families out enjoying themselves. Enjoying one of the best parts of this state.

The water was as blue as any in the carribean. No sharks. No saltwater. Just perfectly clear water that we enjoyed splashing in. 

How thankful I am to live so close to this lake. I know I take it for granted more than I’d like to admit, but we have made more of an effort to stop and enjoy all that surrounds us. 

Because these Great Lakes are absolutely beautiful.


Oh motherhood…

I used to be someone who would remember every birthday/anniversary/half birthday/holiday.

It’s just not my life right now. This season is all about keeping my toddler alive and keeping our house in semi-working order so we can get through another week. And I think I’m doing a pretty good job most days.

It won’t be like this forever though. Someday I will be that girl again who sends thank-you’s on time and remembers the smallest details.

Until then…I’m having patience and embracing this stage of my life. I’m savoring toddler kisses and cuddles.  I’m learning to let things go and not worry about the birthday that slipped by or the holiday I didn’t make special enough.

Each season of life is different. And this season is 《beautiful》♡

{Labor Day weekend Round-up} 

I just love 3 day weekends. That extra day makes all.the.dfference when you struggle to get everything done on the weekends.

We played outside. We picked flowers. We took tractor rides. We ate donuts. And we loved every second of our time together.

These long weekends leave me recharged and ready to take on the week. 

Make it a great one, friends!


Feeling extra grateful for all of the blessings in my life. 

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and not stop to appreciate the little things, by I am trying my best to do so.

From the kindness of a stranger to the little things my husband does around the house, these moments are appreciated and I hope I express that enough. 

We need to be grateful for what we have instead of envying what others may have.

I’m practicing daily gratitude. Stopping to really see all that I am surrounded by and appreciate my life for what it is right now. 

*a sunrise/sunset

*cool breeze on a warm day

*new blooms in my flower garden

Take time to notice the little things. They add up and can change your perspective in knowing that what you have is enough♡

 ::The secret to having it all is knowing you already do::

{Flower Stand}

We did it. After talking about wanting my own flower stand ever since I drooled over the pages of the Cut Flower Garden, it was so nice to finally accomplish that dream.

I planted a few different cut flowers to see how they would grow, along with our usual sunflowers, but we couldnt cut as many as were growing. It seemed like the perfect time to get a stand out and let everyone else enjoy them as we have.


So thankful for a handy husband who takes my dreams and runs with them. He made me the perfect flower stand to showcase these beauties. 


Forever grateful♡


I’ve been MIA the past few weeks getting everything together for our annual U.P. Vacation.

We had a week long trip in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula surrounded by family and friends. 

《It was absolutely wonderful》

We had fun sightseeing in Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, checked out the freighters at the Soo Locks and dipped our toes into Lake Superior in the quaint village of Grand Marais.

I am already looking forward to next year’s trip. To spend time in nature and be surrounded by natural beauty makes my heart happy.

Do you have an annual vacation that you look forward to every year?


I am a dreamer. My husband is more practical. It works. Most of my dreams he takes and makes them even better than I could imagine.

Case in point: my farmhouse dreams.

We are in the process of paying off our debt so we can start building in the next 3 years or so. It hasn’t always been easy, but knowing we are working towards what we want makes it so sweet.

This is the Four Gables floorplan we are in love with. I fell in love with the front porch, but the inside is just as beautiful. I cant wait to make these dreams happen. To raise our kids the simple way. To teach them to work hard for what you want.

{Life is good}


{Making A House A Home}

We spent the weekend putting the final touches on the planter that my hubby made for the backyard. I had a little helper who was eager to bring me flowers and help water them. It turned out great and I am glad it adds some color to our back deck.

It is amazing how many projects we have done around this house to take it from what it used to look like into a space we now call home.  Adding a deck was by far one of my favorite projects, as I remember finishing it just before my daughter was born. Being able to sit outside with her was exactly what I needed in those early months of motherhood.

Hope you always strive to make your house a home, no matter what situation you may be in. Fill it with love and things that make you happy😊




We had to do a rain dance around here as our poor garden was in need of fresh water. We put sprinklers out there as we can, but nothing compares to a good spring rain to bring life back.

Our rain dance worked:)

I don’t ever remember another time in my life that I would of wished for rain. Its amazing how things change as you grow and learn.

Our garden is looking great with corn popping up as well as many of my cut flowers. This time of year is exciting to see our hard work pay off. I look forward to fresh veggies and flowers here soon.

Till next time…